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News Review
October 2013
October 2013
Posted Date: 10/31/2013

10-1-2013 8:29 AM. Sgt Wingate and Deputy Gray arrested Erich Reints of Urbandale on a forceable felony warrant and transported to the BCJ.

10-1-2013 10:19 AM. A person called the BCSO to report and accident with a farm implement and a Fed-EX truck at I ave. and 230th. According to the report a fertilizer spreader driven by David Fevold was distracted by a person walking near the road and did not sse the Fed EX truck driven by Steve Pfannes. There were no injuries.

10-3-2013 10:50 AM. sheriff Elsberry arrested Nozey W. Habhab on a warrant from Humboldt Cou nty for assualt causing injury. He was held for authorities from Humboldt County.

10-5-2013 11:27 PM. Sgt. Wingate and K-9 Bandit searched for two subjects that fled into a feild when officers discovered a large gathering of people at the bike trail on the Boone/Story County line. The subjects were found. One person, Zachary Thompson was charged with underage possession, and eveyrone else was warned about trespassing and allowed to leave.

10-6-2013 2:47 AM. Sgt. Wingate made a traffic stop and arrested two subjects for possession, Marlarie Riker and Colton Robinson were transported to the BCJ for further investigation.

10-6-2013 1:08 AM. Deputy Fangman made a traffic stop in the wB lanes of US 30 and 169. After a breif investigation the driver Victoria Stafford was arrsted on suspicion of OWI. She was transported to the BCJ for futher investigation.

10-5-2013 12:10 PM. Deputy Quinn made a traffic stop on hwy 210 and QF Lane. After a breif investigation the driver Michael Kennedy was arrested on suspicion of OWI and transported to the BCJ.

10-7-2013 1:52 PM. Deputy Gray arrested Abigail Eatock on a probation revocation warrant and transported her to the BCJ.

10-9-2013 9:45 AM. Deputy Gray began an investigation into a hit and run in Pilot Mound. A oerson called from the 300 blk of 2nd street and advised her vehicle had bee struck sometime during the night.

10-8-2013 10:45 AM. The BCSO was dispatched to an accident with injuries at 280th and X ave. A vehicle driven by Julie Wade was Westbound on 280th when it was hit by a vehicle driven by Autumn Leach who was Sounthbond on X ave. Both vehicle went into the ditch after the accident. Both drivers were treated at the Mary Greely Medical Center for their injuries. Wade was charged with failure to yield.

10-10-2013 10:27 PM. A person called wanting the BCSO to attempt a welfare check on a person in rural Boone County. Deputy Twigg went to the residence,and found the house locked with no lights on and no one came to the door. A call was placed to the husband who was out of state and a message left.

10-11-2013 12:46 AM. Deputy Zuetenhorst stopped a vehicle for 99 in a 65 on US 30 at W ave. UPon further investigation deputies found two knives one with an 8" blade and a machette with a 16" blade. Charges are pending.

10-11-2013 11:36 PM. Ames Police put out a broadcast over the radio of a possible intoxicated driver Westbound on US 30. The vehicle was described as a Chevrolet Suburban with Kansas plates. Deputy Quinn was in the area and first observed the vehicle stopped at V Ave. and US 30. When Deputy Quinn pulled in behind the vehicle it took off at a high rate of speed. Deputy Quinn began a pursuit of the vehicle Westbound. The vehicle pulled off at the highway 17 exit and pulled over and stopped. The two subjects in the vehicle were taken out at gunpoint. The driver of the vehicle was later identified as Alan Beard was arrested for eluding and OWI and transported to the BCJ. The passenger was taken to Gilbert.

10-13-2013 4:45 PM. A person called to report that she is missing tractors and tools from her mothers residence located in the 500 blk of Q Ave. Deputy Pontius began an inveastigation into the incident.

10-12-2013 9:30 PM. Deputy Quinn was dispatched to a possible domestic in the 900 blk of 22nd street. One person report that she was struck with an I-Pad, but further investigation reveiled this was not the case. Both parties were separated and agreed to stay away from each other.

10-11-2013 7:42 AM Deputy Ruter took Marah Nagel into custody on a warrant from Boone County for probation revocation.

10-14-2013 9:21 PM. A person called the 911 center and advised that his girlfriend had overdosed on some pills and cut her wrist. Deputies Fangman and Twigg responded along with rescue. Deputies secures the residence and rescue and ambulance transported to the hospital.

10-14-2013 5:35 PM. A person called the BCSO and advised that she was in an accident but no one was injured. She now advises that she wants to take the child to the hospital to be checked out, and the father will not let her leave the residence. Deputy Fangman responded and meant with the caller and the father. After a breif investigation Deputy Fangman determined that Trinity Welch was the driver of the vehicle and advised communications that there were some injuries associated with this accident. The driver was cited for failure to maintain control, driving while suspended and no insurance. 

10-15-2013 12:48 PM. The 911 center received several calls of a semi blocking US 30 Westbound at the Ogden Interchange. Deputy Pontius responded and located the semi who was attempting to turn around at the maintenance crossover and became stuck and could not move blocking the road. A large tow truck from Ames had to be called to clear the road.  The driver was cited for a traffic violation.

10-15-2013 3:59 PM. The BCSO began an investigation into a missing person who had made some suicidel threats. The Boone Police Depatment and the Ogden Police department also assisted. The investigatin is continuing.

10-16-2013 6:53 PM. The Greene County Sheriff's office called and advised they had a person in custody on a Boone County warrant. Jamie Ray Biggart was picked up at the county line by Deputy Zeutenhorst and transported to the BCJ.

10-17-2013 4:40 PM. A person called to report a vehicle driving in the median od US 30 at the W Ames exit, and the driver appeared to be slumped over the wheel. Deputy Gray was dispatched along with the BCH. The vehicle and person was located but the driver declined any medical treatment. After a brief investigation the driver Kimberly Hill was arrested on a warrant from Boone county for theft. She was transported to the BCJ.

10-16-2013 4:16 PM. Todd Southwick of Ankeny reported to the BCSO and turned himself in on a warrant for probation revocation.

10-17-2013 6:56 PM. A person called to report a suspicious vehicle in her driveway and people inside the building at her residence in the 1700 blk of 130th St. Deputy Zeutenhorst was advised and responded. The vehicle had left before the deputies arrival, and nothing appeared to have been taken. The investigation is continuing.

10-17-2013 4:45 PM. A person called from the Ledges Park stating there was a person in the park that was yelling vulgar things to her and trying to get her to approach his vehicle. The person then began to follow her. Deputies responded to the area and located the individual. John Hilsabeck was taken into custody for futher investigation.

10-20-2013 3:03 AM. A person called from the 1400 blk of 223rd Pl. to report a female who was be assualtive toward other family members at that residence. Sgt. Wingate and Deputy Twigg responded, but the female was gone upon their arrival. The family declined to press charges but wanted the female served with a tresspass notice. Kimberly Meeks was located later and served with a tresspass notice.

10-19-2013 11:41 PM. Sgt Wingate made atraffic stop at Mamie Eisenhower and Harrison, and after a breif investigation located drugs and paraphilnalia. Neil Hass was arrested for that offense.

10-18-2013 11:09 PM. Sgt Wingate made a traffic stop at US 30 and 169 E/B. After a breif investigation Austin Smith was arrested on narcotics and an alcohol charge along with a dangerous weopons charge. He was transported to the BCJ for further investigation.

10-21-2013 8:35 PM. A person called from to report a domestic situation that may involve a firearm in Pilot Mound. Deputy Fangman and Ogden Officer Twigg responded to the area. After a brief investigation there was no problem at the residence and it was suggested that the caller was reporting something that was not true. The investigation is continuing.

10-21-2013 11:05 PM. Deputy Pontius responded to Madrid to assist the Madrid Police chief with an arrest.

10-21-2013 9:27 AM. Deputy Godzicki responded to the 1700 blk of 219th st to a report of a burglary that occurred over the weekend. The investigation is continuing.

10-22-2013 1:37 PM. A person called the BCSO to advised his credit card had been used several time in Michigan. Detective Godzicki took his report and forwarded to the authorities in Michigan.

10-22-2013 7:55 PM. A person called from Pilot Mound and advised the BCSO that a person in a blk Honda drove by her residence twice, and that the person behind the wheel has a restraining order against him. The reporting party also stated that the person is armed with a gun. Deputy Fangman and Officer Twigg from the Ogden Police Department located the vehicle in Ogden and stopped the vehicle. Deputy Fangman served the restraining order on the person in question. No gun was found.

10-22-2013 3:51 PM. Deputy Pontius took a report from a person who had damage done to his crop in the 1900 blk of the West first extension. The investigation into that matter is on going.

10-22-2013 8:42 AM. The CLinton County Sheriff's Office called and advised they had Joseph Duarte in custody on a Boone County warrant for violation of pre-trial release. Deputies picked up the person and transported back to the BCJ.

10-24-2013 6:21 AM. Deputy Quinn arrested Brian Williams on a parole violation warrant and transported him to the BCJ.

10-23-2013 6:34 PM. A person called to report a vehicle in the ditch with a man inside and that he was likely intoxicated. Deputy Fangman responded and after a brief investigation arrested Colin Tesdall for investigation into OWI. He was transported to the BCJ for further testing.

10-26-2013 2:14 AM. A person called the BCSO and reported that a vehicle pulled in front of him and slammed on it's brakes and hit him and then fled the scene. The reporting party followed the vehicle that hit him and gave law enforcement the information. Deputy Zuetenhorst responded to the area where the incident occurred. After a brief investigation deputies located the hit and run vehicle. Malarie Riker was arrested for investigation into OWI and taken to the BCJ for further testing.

10-27-2013 8:33 PM. A person called to report a car accident at 210th and J ave. She advised there were some minor injuries but everyone seemed to be all right. Deputy Zeutenhorst responded to the scene along with Ogden First Responders and the ambulance from BCH. After investigating the accident Deputy Zeutenhorst filed charges on the driver of the vehicle Cody Clark who was treated and released from BCH. 

10-29-2013 6:22 AM. A person called to report that she had been struck by a livestock truck that had numerous lights on it in the area of 17 and US 30. Deputy Twigg and a Boone Police officer searched the area and stopped two suspect vehicles but they had no damage.

10-31-2013 2:55 PM. The BCSO received a 911 call of a rollover accident at L ave and US 30. Deputies responded to the area along with Boone Fire and BCH ambulance. The driver of the vehicle Dakotah Kreutzer of Ogden lost control of the vehicle he was driving and rolled into the ditch. There were minor injuries. Charges are pending.